The Jairus Foundation

Giving to Jairus-

One of the concerns in giving to any charitable organization is that of wondering whether your money is actually being spent on the people you are trying to help.  Some organizations are quite good about this and others actually spend more of your donation on their own salaries and fund-raising parties than on their intended beneficiaries.

The Jairus Foundation is a "pay as you go" organization.  Thus far, it has been possible for us to pay
all legal and business expenses from our personal funds.  The time that we spend is totally donated, so there is no payroll or other administrative expense.  We spend no time or money on peripheral activities, and deal directly with our beneficiaries and benefactors.  This means that every dollar donated to The Jairus Foundation is spent directly and completely on projects.  We also have long and close relationships with our partner organizations and so are able to ascertain that projects are efficient and totally focused on the beneficiaries of our work.

Jairus is an IRS approved Public Charitable Fund organization, and donations are completely tax deductible.  You may make an unrestricted gift or specify a donation for one of the projects you see featured on this site.  We are interested in new deserving projects, so if you know of a need and don't know how to help on your own, you may describe this on the contact form.

In order to ensure your privacy and create an auditable paper trail for your donation, we do not currently automate giving on this site.  Instead, you can communicate your intentions on the contact page at the link above.  From there, Dr. Rosenthal will work directly with you to make sure that your donation or other involvement will be according to your wishes.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.